Accessibility statement

BusinessOulu aims to ensure that the website meets the requirements for accessibility as laid down in the Act on the Provision of Digital Services (306/2019).

Fulfilment of requirements

The website partly meet the requirements of the Act on the Provision of Digital Services (306/2019) (in Finnish). Non-compliance with the accessibility regulations is mentioned below under Non-accessible content.

Non-accessible content

The following content and/or functions do not yet meet the accessibility requirements:

  1. There are shortcomings and inconsistencies in the use of headings in both HTML and the headings displayed on the site. These issues will be fixed as quickly as possible.
  2. Individual errors in the marking of links and link purposes will be fixed.
  3. The text on the site does not fully meet the contrast requirements. A sufficient contrast ratio will be ensured as soon as possible.
  4. There are problems when using a screen reader.
  5. There are some shortcomings in the site’s structural labels, for example in the menus. We will ensure that the page elements are programmatically determinable.
  6. There are problems with the table column headers that make it difficult to use a screen reader.
  7. There are shortcomings in the text alternatives of icons that guide navigation and the text alternatives of images used on the site. The icon issues will be fixed as part of technical updates and the shortcomings in permanent content will be fixed as content is updated.
  8. The problems with resizing text, text spacing and scaling content will be fixed.
  9. There are problems when navigating the site on mobile devices using a screen reader, for example as regards focus order and use of menus. These issues will be fixed as quickly as possible, because more and more people use the service on a mobile device.

About this accessibility statement

This accessibility statement was prepared on 1 September 2020.

It was compiled based on an analysis carried out by BusinessOulu personnel. The identified shortcomings and issues have been fixed or will be fixed without delay as described above.

Feedback and contacts

Have you noticed any accessibility concerns? Let us know and we will try to fix the problem as soon as possible!

Get in touch by email or phone.

  • Email:

Implementation procedure

If you notice any accessibility issues on the site, first send feedback to Please note that it may take up to 14 days for a reply to be forwarded to you. If you are not satisfied with the reply, or if you do not receive any response within two weeks, please give feedback to the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland. See the Agency’s website (available in Finnish and Swedish) for a description of how the complaint can be filed and how the matter will be handled.

Contact information of supervisory authority

Saavutettavuuden valvonnan yksikkö (supervisory unit for accessibility)

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